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world class traveler, kenzo, brings together his own sartorial melting pot. read more here

The only thing you can count on is change

“The pot boiled over. I strained a fist full of mint and poured. To wash away all ills so they become as a footnote. We walk over the burning slag. It seems there is nothing we can not do. We are hailed in the market place. We beat on the bongo; we blow on the reed. To portray the delicate; to shatter nature.”

- excerpt from Woolgathering by Patti Smith


** Thank you Astrid Rosalind for this fabulous book!

Dean Dass

one of my favorite professors of all time, dean dass’ watery and often subtly didactic aesthetic embodies the perfect mix of science and art [with a dash of humor].


Louise Nevelson

i want to own one of Louise Nevelson’s monochromatic found object “assemblages”. very badly.

admiring louise’s eccentric personal style in addition to her art [note the earrings].